Tunnel Freezer

Product Description


Widely applied in seafood processing,prepared food processing ,fruits processing plant.


※ A special customized centrifugal fan is used to supply air, has high efficiency and realizes freezing at ultra-high wind speed.

※ High pressure cold air is injected onto food surface via the uniformly full-distributed jet holes above and below the conveyer belt at extremely high speed and then is quickly diffused, so that foods are completely bathed in cold air and quick freezing is realized.
◎ The spacing between jet holes is small, and heat transfer speed is quick and uniform. Compared with traditional quick freezers, the equipment freezes foods more uniformly, shortens freezing time by over 30%, and reduces drying loss by 50%.

※ The evaporator uses large fins, which provides efficient heat exchange.

※ Water and hot gas defrosting ensures cleanness of the evaporator.

※ PU insulated enclosure, excellent insulation property; Stainless steel enclosure skin at both sides.

※ The mesh belt is driven by sprocket; high strength chains and sprockets, which ensures long service life.

※ Efficient belt washer is provided to ensure the cleanliness of the stainless steel mesh belt.

※ Belt speed stepless adjustable with inverter to suit the freezing of various products.


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