Sinobest Refrigeration design freon system, ammonia refrigeration system and CO2/AMMONIA cascade refrigeration system using Yantai Moon Screw Compressor, Bitzer Compressor in Philippines application for almost 8 years for different application field, like fish fillet processing plant, shrimp processing plant, different meat processing plant, slaughter house, chicken dressing plant, ice plant.

Yantai Moon Screw Compressor is the most popular and mature products in China and has been used in different kinds of industrial application for more than 40 years. With technology renovation and performance improvement, the efficiency, stability and durability is much more higher than other brand in China.

We can also do replacement of compressor of other brand in Philippines market , Japan brand and America brand, Such as GEA Grasso, GNQ, York, Mayekawa Mycom, Dalian