Download Windows 11 Stock Wallpapers [Official Background Images]

Here is a full bundle of official stock wallpapers that come with the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system. You can download Windows 11 wallpapers on any device to use them as desktop background images for free. This Windows 11 wallpaper set features extracted backgrounds suitable for new and old displays including screens ranging from HD, FHD, 4k, and even up to 8k.

As you might know that the Redmond tech giant recently unveiled its Windows 10 successor in all its glory. The next generation of Windows brings a modern user interface along with a bevy of additions to other areas of the firmware. As expected, the latest iteration also contains pleasant 16 wallpapers with sharp color contrast suitable for new desktop and laptop screens.

That said, Windows 11 rollout is still a few months away. But you don’t have to wait until then to get your hands on the pack of wallpaper images. Thanks to the dedicated Windows leaksters who are forever there for the rest of the Windows community to give an early glimpse of the upcoming OS that follows the termination of Windows 10X.

windows 11 wallpapers

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Download Windows 11 Wallpapers:

ADeltaX after having shared screenshots of the latest operating system before Microsoft officially announced it to the world, ventured further to port Windows 11 wallpapers (via @ALumia_Italia) for everyone to download on their devices.

Click on your favorite wallpaper below and save it on the device to use it as your main background.

w11-wallpaper-740x463 wallpapers-11-740x463 wallpapers-free-740x463 download-windows-11-wallpapers-2-740x463 windows-11-wallpaper-10-740x463 download-w11-wallpaper-740x463 windows-11-wallpaper-9-740x463 download-windows-11-wallpaper--740x463 windows-11-wallpaper-8-740x463 windows-11-wallpaper-7-740x463 windows-11-wallpaper-6 windows-11-wallpaper-5-740x463 windows-11-wallpaper-4-740x463 windows-11-wallpaper-3-740x463 wallpaper-2-740x463 wallpaper-1-740x416

We are counting days when Windows 11 is out for the public. For those who can’t wait until then, these Windows 11 wallpapers should help get the first taste of the new operating system during the waiting phase. Do let us know what are your thoughts about Microsoft’s new operating system in the comments below.

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