Minecraft Earth Beta Registration Direct Download Link [2021]

Microsoft has open the official registration links for the Minecraft Earth Beta apk on Android and iOS. Mobile gaming is on the rise. We’re witnessing developers of famous PC and console games bring their big-name titles on the foremost common mobile platforms to make the most of this trend.

minecraft earth beta signup link

Microsoft‘s crowning jewel in gaming, Minecraft, is currently on the market as a mobile game. Minecraft Earth is an AR (Augmented Reality) based game designed for smartphone users.

Microsoft raised the veil on Minecraft Earth APK for Android earlier this month, and a glimpse of the latest game footage has emerged online hinting at the prospects of a closed beta launch beginning before long.

Minecraft Earth – AR Game:

Minecraft Earth is the portable version of the famous Minecraft PC game. Fans of PC gaming who would like to play this Pokemon Go-like title can try Minecraft Earth on PC using the instructions in the tutorial shared in the link below.

The main gameplay involves players heading out in the real world in search of ‘tapables’ (the pokestops equivalent) and collect the resources on the way needed to raise and train them.

But developer Mojang has some extra moves in its repertoire to gain an edge over the competitors. The official website dedicated to Minecraft Earth provides information on what to expect in the upcoming game.

Minecraft Earth Gameplay Summary:

Minecraft Earth is about players using their creativity to build structures on flat surfaces in tabletop mode. The 3D holograms give the process an extra dimension. Once done, place your buildings at life-size in augmented reality settings and soak up the experience as you walk through the immersive environment.


Standard Minecraft mobs will be part of the gameplay together with a bunch of exclusive ones. The multiplayer mode is where you can collaborate with others to jointly build megastructures.

Minecraft Earth Beta Registration Link [2021]:

Minecraft Earth for Android and iOS will be shut down this summer.

It is compatible with all AR-capable devices. Motion Capture is there to handle pre-set character animations.

With the help of Apple ARKit’s People Occlusion technology, Minecraft Earth shows people inside their builds in life-size surroundings.

If you want to play Minecraft Earth, click on the link below to sign up for the beta:

Minecraft Earth Apk for Android

Minecraft Earth for PC

This is all you need to know about the closed beta for Minecraft Earth Android/iOS 2021. Although the available slots are limited and despite being numbered in thousands, high demand means they will be taken quickly. So hurry and book your place!